About us

Queer Leaders Forum (QLF) is a civic association, established from the initiative of the First Lesbian Association Museion, by the creation, followed up by the transformation of one part of a non-formal group of young Slovak LGBTQ activists.

Vision of Queer Leaders Forum is an equal society, in which sexual orientation does not stigmatize, segregate and discriminate people. Society in which sexual orientation is one of many characteristics of its diverse people and only one of many otherness, which does not affect their human and civil rights. By an active claiming of the rights of non-heterosexual people, Queer Leaders Forum (QLF) aims to their complex and absolute – civic, legislative and social – equalization with the major society.

By the term complex equalization QLF understands publicly and with no compromise – the right for a marriage law for the non-heterosexual couples, automatic acceptation of this marriage by all the third parties, nondiscriminatory access to child/children adoptions, to blood donating, to the services of assisted reproduction (artificial insemination and surrogate parenting) etc.

For gaining the vision and aims, QLF creates and shapes a dialogue inside the community, between communities, and throughout the whole society, about civil and human rights of non-heterosexual people; at the same time QLF declares an effort of gaining an adequate governmental support for the activities of LGBTQ organizations, and of individuals, in similar scale, as have other minorities in Slovak republic.

Formation a civic association Queer Leaders Forum is a logical conclusion of 15 years of efforts of the First Lesbian Association Museion, which in cooperation with other organizations, individuals and donors tried to impact the civic society towards the diversity, positive view of the political and social life, rights and needs of gays and lesbians in Slovakia and towards the legalization and acceptation of their partnerships.

How did we start

Queer Leaders Forum (QLF) has been established in the year 2007, as a project of the First Lesbian Association Museion, with the financial support of Open Society Foundation. One of its primary goals was to establish a functioning leadership and activistic network, which would be capable of working on its author and unique projects, and by this, moving the issue of non-heterosexuality, social and political equalization of gays, lesbians, bisexuals and transgenders - positively further – beyond the borders of the “politically and socially possible”.

The first project of the groups of 30 young people, who had identified with the brand name of the project of the First Lesbian Association Museion, was “International Day Against Homophobia – Get to know us”. After the success of this public happening, young leaders started to get the attention of the Slovak major society, LGBTQ community, nongovernmental organizations, as well as of the Slovak media. The group of people, regionally from all around Slovakia, went through an intensive educational program, still as a part of the project of the First Lesbian Association Museion. On October 25th 2008, Queer Leaders Forum together with Museion, organized another public happening – “Kick the Homophobia Out” and several of our member participated on many domestic and foreign human-rights seminars, lectures and two week-long international conferences of IGLYO (International Gay and Lesbian Youth Organization).

Queer Leaders Forum is a civic association since March 2009.

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