Our annual happening – International Day Against Homophobia (IDAHO) – May 17th

International Day Against Homophobia (IDAHO) is one of the two major international events of LGBTQ (lesbian-gay-bisexual-transsexual-queer) communities worldwide. In contrast to the LGBTQ pride marches (Gay Prides), which are held in dozens of cities in different time, management and size, International Day Against Homophobia is taking place on May 17th.

It is this date that is associated with several significant milestones of LGBTQ history. May 17th 1990, homosexuality was officially removed by the World Health Organization (WHO) from the list of mental illnesses. On the same day in 2004 U.S. State Massachusetts enacted same sex marriages. Finally, a significant step for the history of Slovak LGBTQ community – May 17th 2008 the first IDAHO in Bratislava had been held :).

Report from IDAHO 2008
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Kick Homophobia Out, October 25th 2008

"The Slovak public symbolically kicked homophobia out of our lives on October 25th 2008 at Bratislava’s Square of Slovak National Uprising. For the participants or for random people that were passing by there, was a net of the FC Homophobia waiting.

FC HOMOPHOBIA, a fictitious football team, was this day represented by two billboards. Sad reality is, however, the fact that the caricatures of football players were caricatures of Slovak politicians and their homophobic statements which came directly from their mouth - from the mouth of the highest Slovak public officials.

Project „Kick Homophobia Out” was a part of the 9th annual set of FARE Action Week (Football Against Racism in Europe), held from 16th to 28th October all across Europe. In Slovakia eleven events took place on activities against racism, discrimination, xenophobia and homophobia."

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Pohoda 2008 (local cultural and musical festival)

Look at our fotoreport from Pohoda 2008, where associations Obcan a Demokracia (Citizen and Democracy), First lesbian association Museion, Queer Leaders Forum, Aspekt, Association of AIDS prevention and GayInfo.sk presented a topic of antidiscrimination through information on their activities and informal debates with people.

It was fun as always and so hopefully we will see each other next year there.


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